• waapp. The app for tourists

    WAAPP is the only application for iPhone that integrates information from all Catalan cities, its culture and all its tourist offer.

    This project is developed for WAAPP Media Lab. using…

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  • Aduho is fashion

    Aduho is a simple but elegant app that lets you browse the hair-style catalog from Aduho.

    This project is developed for Aduho. It stores all the images in…

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  • Trucoteca. The gaming companion

    Trucoteca is a simple and functional iOS universal app that makes available for you all the Trucoteca.com cheats database offline. You have information for all the platforms: PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, 3DS, PSP and many more…

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  • User Experience

    The human factor is our competitive advantage

  • iOS Experts

    iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Device-specific design

  • Variety of Apps

    Utility apps, productivity apps, immersive apps. Casual, Pro, niche, …

  • Proven Quality

    Featured on the App Store. We understand the iOS quality standards

Our Apps

            “We design experiences and develop apps to communicate them”

What we do?

Having an app is crucial nowadays. People use their phone and tablet to do what they usually did with their computers. Therefore, presence on the App Store is essential to satisfy their needs.

We are experts on iOS design and development. If you need an app for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch explain to us your project and we will make it real and remarkable.

App Design and Development

Do you have any idea for an app? Maybe your business needs an app? Contact us. We are going to work on the app design and development, taking into account mobile and platform specific characteristics and nuances. Always keeping in mind that high quality user experience is what makes a difference.

User Experience

We are people working for people. The human factor is very important for us. Actually, it is our competitive advantage. Keeping in mind, during the whole development process, that we are working on apps that will be used by people is the key issue to enhance user experience quality.

Diversity of Apps and Target Audience

We have experience and expertise designing and developing a great variety of utility apps, productivity apps and immersive apps (games). We cover the whole spectrum.
Moreover, we apply specific design techniques to reach specific target audiences or all of them: casual, Pro, niche…

iOS Experts

We understand the iOS quality standards. And we also know how iOS users enjoy high quality, polished and device-specific apps in their hands. Therefore, we design and develop our apps taking into account the device-specific nuances that need to be addressed in order to offer the best possible user experience in each device… and also in all of them together.

Proven Quality

All of our apps have been featured by Apple on the App Store. We are proud of that, and also our customers. We work hard on every project to maintain our standard of quality.
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